Re: [hybi] ws: and wss: schemes

Ian Hickson wrote:
> ...
>> Just define a URI scheme; use of ws IRIs will be defined automatically 
>> in terms of RFC 3987 (IRI experts, please correct me if I'm wrong).
> That's what I thought I had done; since you disagree that I had done that, 
> please provide the copy that you believe would do the job, so that we can 
> stop dancing around playing "warmer/colder" with this text.
> ...

I'm not going to write the spec for you.

A definition of a URI describes it's ASCII-based syntax, it's purpose, 
and how it's used in the protocol. I think that's pretty clear from RFC 

 > ...
>> The source file that you feed into xml2rfc is an XML file using the 
>> RFC2629bis syntax. You control that file. Put into it what you need.
> There's no such file; the XML is generated by a script and posted straight 
> to the xml2rfc Web service. I have every intention of keeping this as 
> automatic as possible; I already have to go out of my way to make the 
> references to [WEBADDRESSES] and [HTML5] work, I really don't want to have 
> to start doing the same for IETF documents when I don't actually have to.

Well, you asked how to do it, and I explained how it can be done. 
Apparently you're not happy with the answer, but that's all I can do 
from here.

>>> I've read this, but as far as I can tell, "Always UTF-8" and "See IRI" 
>>> are both complete and accurate ways of addressing this.
>>> Since apparently neither of these options satisfies you, could you state
>>> exactly what literal text would satisfy you?
>> I already pointed you to RFC 5092 as relatively recent example, see 
>> <>.
> I tried following the lead given in that draft, but it didn't satisfy you. 
> Could you provide literal text that would satisfy you?

By putting in "See RFC3987"? See Joseph's reply to that, and in 
particular his proposal in 

BR, Julian

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