Re: non-http uris

I've tried to catch up with this thread, as well as the geo-location
discussion. It is a somewhat unstructured discussion and I can't claim to
have grasped it all, but with that as a disclaimer ....

  I would suggest looking at the info: URI scheme, and consider registering 'geoloc' (please
don't call it 'loc') as an 'info:' namespace.   (An 'info:' namespace is
analagous to a URN namespace.)   It seems to me that this geo-location
sub-scheme is appropriate for use with 'info' though that would be something
for the 'info URI Board (or whatever it's called) to decide, and if so,
approval/registration is a fairly lightweight process (I can personally
attest to that).  This approach would render the issue of a new URI scheme

--Ray Denenberg
Library of Congress

Received on Wednesday, 9 January 2008 19:09:17 UTC