Re: Updated URI Template proposal

James M Snell scripsit:

> The spec will likely need to indicate how new op codes are defined.  How
> should unknown codes be handled?  Are applications free to create their
> own op codes?  Is an iana registry needed? etc.

Well, of course no spec can control the behavior of implementations that
don't claim to conform to it.  I think an IANA registry would be the
proper compromise between "Do as thou wilt" and "Never change anything".

> I would think that unicode codepoints would be what folks would
> typically expect.  


> Next, regarding the varname definition,
>   token varname    '[a-zA-Z0-9][a-zA-Z0-9\_\.\-]*' ;
> I'm curious as to why these additional characters should not be allowed
> in a varname?
>   !@#$%^&()\/:;'[]"
> For instance, allowing : and / would allow us to do...
>   {-prefix|foo/|}

I don't understand what application scenario would call for
the use of universal names in templates.  It seems to me
that local names are sufficient (and more readable; it's
much easier to see where the varname stops if it looks
like an identifier).

> Also, there had been mention of an escape/quote character for varnames,

I have the same question:  for what?

John Cowan                      
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Received on Wednesday, 7 November 2007 20:05:34 UTC