Re: URI Reference creation

Sebastian Pipping wrote:
> Yes, but shouldn't the host "A" become lowercase and "%7b" and
> "%7d" become uppercase?

In our API, the different types of normalization are performed by separate 
functions. The test cases for the percent-encoding normalization are only for 
the NormalizePercentEncoding function that does what's described in section of the spec. There is a separate function and test data for the 
NormalizeCase function corresponding to sec.

> I meant that maybe "a/b///c" and "a/b/c" are different
> for some applications and therefore fixing it would
> not work for them.

You have origin URI foo and target URI bar, and one or the other contains 
empty segments. The function gives you relative ref baz, which works (gets you 
from the origin to the target) regardless of how many empty segments there 
are. *Not* fixing it means you might be producing relative refs that, when 
resolved against the origin, result in something other than the target URI.

Received on Tuesday, 31 July 2007 23:23:24 UTC