Re: URI Reference creation

Sebastian Pipping wrote:
> I was wondering if it is legal to use your "test data" but not your code?

I don't think anyone really lays claim to test data. That would be kind of 
silly. As a matter of courtesy, though, when we use data from somewhere else, 
we try to acknowledge the source in the source code. Often, test data comes
from examples in the questions people ask on mailing lists.

> But in general it seems that Pyhton code does RFC 3986 URI validation
> which is still missing for the Online XSPF validator [1] written in Python,
> licensed under LGPL. Thinking of that two cases of conflicts with the
> Apache license: would you be willing to re-license the code to be LGPL
> compatible?

I spoke with Uche Ogbuji about it and he said:

" I'm happy to grant fellow OSS developers alternative license grants.
  So I'd say we offer him, specifically, an LGPL license for use in his 
  project. "

So there you go. For details you can write him at uche -at- or
chat on channel #4suite.

Received on Tuesday, 31 July 2007 03:48:36 UTC