Re: URI Reference creation

Mike Brown wrote:
> Sebastian Pipping wrote:
>> I was wondering if it is legal to use your "test data" but not your code?
> I don't think anyone really lays claim to test data. That would be kind of
> silly. As a matter of courtesy, though, when we use data from somewhere else,
> we try to acknowledge the source in the source code. Often, test data comes
> from examples in the questions people ask on mailing lists.

That's cool. Part of them is now integrated here:

> I spoke with Uche Ogbuji about it and he said:
> " I'm happy to grant fellow OSS developers alternative license grants.
>   So I'd say we offer him, specifically, an LGPL license for use in his
>   project. "
> So there you go. For details you can write him at uche -at- or
> chat on channel #4suite.

Sounds good but I'm not sure yet that will work for the LGPL.
I will contact him about it.


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