Re: URI's for processes, stocks, file hashes, UPC's, etc..

On 18 Sep 2006 at 14:16, Stan James wrote:

> stocks
> security://nasdaq/stock/GOOG
> gtin://97807868684494
> file hash:
> hash://sha-1/2fd4e1c67a2d28fced849ee1bb76e7391b93eb12

There seem to be double slashes where they don't belong in those 
proposed schemes; the "//" is supposed to be used where it signals 
that what follows is an authority (usually a hostname), and some of 
the above schemes don't seem to have any such thing in them.  
(Perhaps NASDAQ would count as one, but the others don't have any.)

> I realize these aren't registered schemes. However, will this work, or 
> are there any suggestions for a better way to do this?

There may be URN namespaces for some of the things you're using.

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