RE: uri-template: optional template parameters?

Marc Hadley wrote:
>> Another possibility would be to use WADL[1] which allows you to add
additional metadata to template variables. 

WADL is an interesting spec, thanks for pointing it out. A quick scan of the
spec makes me think it could be very valuable in a lot of contexts.  

OTOH, it sadly doesn't (appear to) allow one of the things I really like
about URI Templates and that is the ability to reference in a <link> element
in the <head> of an HTML file.  At least not embedded in the document (I
guess you could put it in a resource and store a URI that references that
resource in a <link> element, but that adds a level of
indirection/abstraction that would significantly increase the complexity of
using it, and I think that could be a real negative w.r.t adoption.)


-Mike Schinkel

Received on Friday, 17 November 2006 04:22:02 UTC