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snews 4395-review

From: Frank Ellermann <nobody@xyzzy.claranet.de>
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2006 12:58:08 +0100
To: uri@w3.org
Message-ID: <45546950.7A01@xyzzy.claranet.de>
Cc: uri-review@ietf.org


here's a copy of the snews-registration template posted in
I-D.ellermann-news-nntp-uri-02.  Please tell me if you see
any errors or issues:

~~~ cut ~~~
   This section contains the [RFC4395] template for the registration of
   the historical "snews" scheme specified in [I-D.gilman-news-url].

   URI scheme name:   snews

   Status:            historical

   URI scheme syntax: Same as for "news" (Section 4)

   URI scheme semantics:
                      Like "news", but using NNTP over TLS with default
                      port 563 (no STARTTLS), registered as "nntps"

   Encoding considerations:
                      Same as for "news" (Section 6)

   Applications/protocols that use this URI scheme name:
                      For some user agents "snews" URLs trigger the use
                      of "nntps" instead of NNTP for their access on

   Interoperability considerations:
                      This URI scheme was not widely deployed, its
                      further use is deprecated in favour of ordinary
                      "news" URLs in conjunction with NNTP servers
                      supporting [RFC4642]

   Security considerations:
                      See [RFC4642], the use of a dedicated port for
                      secure variants of a protocol was discouraged in

   Contact:           <mailto:uri@w3.org> (URI mailing list)

   Change controller: IETF

   References:        RFCXXXX, [RFC4642], [I-D.gilman-news-url]

~~~ end ~~~

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