RE: info scheme

The new process has been approved, but the approval announcement
hasn't been sent.

> I thought URI schemes had to be standards-track... but 3.2 
> The IETF Tree of seems to say that the
IESG can
> approve a scheme by agreeing to publish an informational RFC.

2717 is being replaced, and the requirements are even less
stringent, now.

If you want to make normative reference to a URI scheme in some
other standards track document, then the URI scheme definition should also
be standards track. But otherwise there's not a requirement, even for
there to be an RFC. 

> I can't tell if the new guidelines introduces new subtleties or not.

Yes, they do.

> > If so, when (roughly) might
> > updated to reflect this?

Since the registry itself is changing (establishment of the 'provisional'
and 'permanent' registries), I would imagine individual items might
take a little longer to process. Just my guess, though.


Received on Tuesday, 15 November 2005 22:03:56 UTC