Re: Proposed change to draft-kindberg-tag-uri: tags and "newsml" URNs

I don't think there can be a "next draft" at this point.  
Draft-kindberg-tag-uri-07 was approved by the IETF a few days ago [1],  
and as far as I know, an internet-draft can't be updated once it's  
approved for publication as an RFC.

- Adam Atlas


On Mar 3, 2005, at 3:00 PM, thus spake John Cowan:

> I propose that the following language be added to the next draft of
> draft-kindberg-tag-uri:
> 2.5  Tags and the "newsml" URN Namespace
>    RFC 3085 defines the URN namespace "newsml".  This namespace is
>    more restricted in purpose than tags, but is designed according to
>    essentially identical principles.  The following mapping is defined
>    from "newsml" URNs to tags (there is no general reverse mapping):
>    Every "newsml" URN takes the form:
>       urn:newsml:ProviderId:DateId:NewsItemId:RevisionId Update
>    where ProviderId is a domain name; DateId is a date in yyyymmdd
>    format, specifying a date on which the ProviderId was assigned to  
> the
>    assigner of the URI; NewsItemId is an sequence of ASCII characters
>    with certain restrictions; RevisionId is a sequence of decimal  
> digits;
>    and Update is either "U", "A", or missing.  (There is no whitespace
>    between RevisionId and Update).
>    The corresponding tag takes the form:
>       tag:ProviderId,yyyy-mm-dd:NewsItemId:RevisionId Update
>    An entity that accepts both "newsml" URNs and tags MAY treat a  
> "newsml"
>    URN and the corresponding tag as equivalent.  Consequently, an  
> entity
>    that both assigns "newsml" URNs and mints tags MUST NOT assign  
> distinct
>    significance to a "newsml" URN and the corresponding tag.
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> telegram
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> in
>     5-bit Baudot code plus appropriate headers) is as good a legal  
> document
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