Proposed change to draft-kindberg-tag-uri: tags and "newsml" URNs

I propose that the following language be added to the next draft of

2.5  Tags and the "newsml" URN Namespace

   RFC 3085 defines the URN namespace "newsml".  This namespace is
   more restricted in purpose than tags, but is designed according to
   essentially identical principles.  The following mapping is defined
   from "newsml" URNs to tags (there is no general reverse mapping):

   Every "newsml" URN takes the form:

      urn:newsml:ProviderId:DateId:NewsItemId:RevisionId Update

   where ProviderId is a domain name; DateId is a date in yyyymmdd
   format, specifying a date on which the ProviderId was assigned to the
   assigner of the URI; NewsItemId is an sequence of ASCII characters
   with certain restrictions; RevisionId is a sequence of decimal digits;
   and Update is either "U", "A", or missing.  (There is no whitespace
   between RevisionId and Update).

   The corresponding tag takes the form:

      tag:ProviderId,yyyy-mm-dd:NewsItemId:RevisionId Update

   An entity that accepts both "newsml" URNs and tags MAY treat a "newsml"
   URN and the corresponding tag as equivalent.  Consequently, an entity
   that both assigns "newsml" URNs and mints tags MUST NOT assign distinct
   significance to a "newsml" URN and the corresponding tag.

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