Re: Proposed Status Categories for URI Scheme registry

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> The essence of the proposal is to accurately reflect the reality of the
> URI Scheme landscape as Larry and some others have insisted in order for
> the registry to serve its purpose, while meeting the requirement of
> protecting the process from inadvertant or malicious duplication of
> tokens.

Surely the essence of the proposal should be to prevent duplication of  
scheme-names in the future, even though we know that a few of them have  
slipped through in the past (it would be helpful for someone to provide  
examples of these).

So if there was a requirement for uniqueness in the Registry, then there  
could be exceptional provision for the existing duplicates of the form  
"This scheme-name is currently used for schemes A and B (provide pointers  
to details of both). It will not be possible for this scheme-name to  
proceed to permanent registration until this anomaly has been resolved".

And you would not allow registration of new duplicates in the future.

> W-Permanent

Essentially, this is those that have made it to standards-track, or to  
some equivalent status.

> W-Provisional

Essentially, this is those that have made it to internet-draft, or to some  
equivalent status. But there needs to be some mechanism for removing them  
 from the register (or declaring them to be "historic", or whatever) if the  
draft never proceeds to fruition. This would free up the name for use for  
some different scheme in the future.

> Vernacular
But I don't see this category as necessary at all.

What I _would_ suggest is that all scheme-names beginning with "x-" are  
declared to be available "free for all", to be used between consenting and  
cooperating parties. They would never be permitted to be on the Registry  
at all.

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