RE: Proposed Status Categories for URI Scheme registry

This strikes me as a very good suggestion.  If you want to play in the
space, get in the game... Sign up.


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Just a few notes from me, but by and large, I don't have a problem with

On Mon, 2005-01-24 at 11:05 -0500, Weibel,Stu wrote:
> W-Permanent
> The set of URI schemes that can be expected to be widely supported by 
> general-purpose Web applications. Strongest level of technical review 
> required. The incentive for making the substantial effort of a 
> standards track RFC is to increase the probability of deployment in a 
> broad array of global applications.  Application developers may not 
> support all such schemes in a given application, but can be confident 
> that the ones they support have been subject to the highest standard 
> of technical review and change control.  Uniqueness of token is agreed

> by all to be essential.

While the incentive is a "nice to have", IMHO, by itself it isn't
sufficient to create an urgency of formal registration that will solve
any of our problems with the current lack of registration that's going
on. In addition to the carrot, I'd also like to see a stick such as "all
URI schemes referenced by standards track documents must be fully
registered and documented." And then that is at a minimum. I would
personally prefer that be extended to all RFCs (experimental,
information, etc) and W3C standards. If both organizations think that
registration is a Good Thing then we should stick by our guns to the
extent possible and insist that any work done within our organizations
require full registration and documentation.

Just an idea....

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