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Re: more 'file' suggestions for draft-hoffman-file-uri

From: Paul Hoffman / VPNC <paul.hoffman@vpnc.org>
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2004 13:29:51 -0700
Message-Id: <p06110424bd763f49e006@[]>
To: uri@w3.org

At 1:27 PM -0600 9/21/04, Mike Brown wrote:
>The question I am trying to come up with a better answer to is "What 
>class of resources do file URIs identify?". There are, presumably, 
>reasons we believe a file URI identifies some resources and not 
>others. What is the difference? Can it be clearly expressed in this 
>standard? If so, express it. If not, say so.

This seems like overkill for a scheme that has gone under-defined for 
a decade. I see no reason to try to reinterpret the scheme now, but 
am happy to do so if we get many people on this list agreeing to some 
specific wording that someone other than me proposes.

--Paul Hoffman, Director
--VPN Consortium
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