An Internet-Draft on literal scoped addresses with accompanying zone IDs in URIs


  When looking at the URI/IRI literal scoped address format (nee RFC 2732,
now rolled into the uri/iri specs), we noticed that there was a small gap -
you can't specify a zone ID.  Since some implementations require a zone ID
to connect to a possibly-ambiguous scoped address even if it's not actually
ambiguous, this is potentially a real problem.  My thought is having to
configure a home router/dhcp/dns server via HTTP via a link-local address
when it's lost its configuration; another scenario is SNMP URIs that get
passed between different agents/managers on the same system.

  Some think that this problem space is so small it's not worth it; I think
it's at least worth throwing out a strawman and seeing what happens to it,
especially since this proposal includes a modification to the grammar for
zone IDs in draft-ietf-ipv6-scoping-arch; better to do that before it gets
published as an RFC if we're going to.

  The I-D announcement follows.  It's quite short, so please take a look.


  Bill & Martin.

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Subject: I-D ACTION:draft-fenner-literal-zone-00.txt
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 15:14:29 -0500

	Title		: A Format for IPv6 Scope Zone Identifiers in
                          Literal URIs
	Author(s)	: B. Fenner, M. Duerst
	Filename	: draft-fenner-literal-zone-00.txt
	Pages		: 9
	Date		: 2004-11-18
This document specifies the format to be used when specifying a zone
   identifier with a literal IPv6 address in URIs and IRIs.  While this
   combination is expected to be needed rarely, it is important to
   specify the exact syntax.

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