Re: info scheme has no authority component, why?

Ray Denenberg, Library of Congress scripsit:

> But nobody (person or agent) has the authority to coins an info:lccn
> uri.  A given string either is or isn't one: if it is of the form
> 'info:lccn/xxx' and there exists an lccn that normalizes to 'xxx' then
> it is, if not it isn't. And in the latter case, in the future when
> such an lccn does exists then that string becomes an info:lccn uri
> automatically, upon assignment of the lccn.  So I'm not sure what an
> authority component adds.

You talk as if LCCNs grew on trees, literally.  The authority to coin an
info:lccn URI is one and the same with the authority to assign the
corresponding LCCN, just as is the case with urn:isbn URIs, since the
meaning of the URI is tied to the meaning of the "number".  In effect, then,
the authority component of LCCNs is "lccn".

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