Re: fragment prose proposal

> Hi Patrick:
>> I think that the generalization of what essentially was a content
>> access mechanism into an mechanism for denoting "secondary resources"
>> is a failed experiment that will, as the web and SW evolves, offer
>> less and less utility.
> Respectfully, must beg to disagree. This notion of limiting fragment 
> identifiers to content access only is not how URIs are actually being 
> used in practice - I can assure you of that. I have seen clear 
> examples (not mine, mind) in which URIs are being implemented in 
> production use cases to identify 'secondary' resources wrt 'primary' 
> resources. I would suggest that 2396bis has it about right. If the web 
> is to be restricted to a world of representations alone then it will 
> be sorely tested as a global information space.
> (The purpose of URIs, I would have thought, is not to provide a 
> document retrieval mechanism necessarily but to provide node points 
> for articulating a common information space.)
> Cheers,
> Tony
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