Re: I-D ACTION:draft-hoffman-news-nntp-uri-03.txt

Paul Hoffman wrote:


Thanks.  Four minor points, you still say:

| Because that document has been moved to Historic status,
| this document copies the news and nntp URI schemes from
| it to allow that material to remain on standards track.

That's IMO backwards, you don't do it because RfC 1738 is
historic, but because you want RfC 1738 to be historic, as
stated in the abstract.  Your drafts are hens, not eggs ;-)

| <id-left> and <id-right> are defined in Section 3.6.4 of
| RFC 2822 [RFC2822].

You have this in section 2.1 about the <newsgroup-name>,
but you need it either in 2.3 about the <message-id> or in
the 2. intro with the ABNF.

Third minor point, your ABNF doesn't cover two simple cases:


My UA handles this like <news://*> - that
is of course no argument and only an observation.  If you
want to sanction this behaviour (because it's the same idea
as in http: and similar schemes) see


If you don't like the variant without a slash at the end, see
that draft allowed <news://> with a slash.

It also allowed a dubious <news:>.  If that's no problem you
could simply modify the '*' into [ "*" ] and be done with it:

      ( newsgroup-name | [ "*" ] | message-id )

BTW, apparently RfC 2234 doesn't like single quotes as in '*'.

Fourth and last minor point, please mention Alfred S. Gilman
in a new "credits" section.
                             Bye, Frank

Received on Friday, 3 December 2004 00:18:55 UTC