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I didn't see the link?  As far as I know, Apple supports iCalendar RFC
2445, which is also supported in MS Outlook and undoubtedly many other

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> Apple's iCal [1] allows you to publish calendars (using the iCal
> to Web servers and later retrieve them, using WebDAV*. However, they
use a
> non-HTTP URI scheme to denote a calendar - 'webcal'.
> Is this new, and if so, can pressure be put upon the Apple W3C folks?
> is not a small abuse; I fear 'gif' and 'html' URI schemes will be
> behind if we're not careful.
> * They claim it requires WebDAV, but I was able to successfully
publish my
> calendar to a server that only supports PUT (as any REAL Web server
> should). I don't have data yet as to whether they excercise anything
> in DAV...
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