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Re: no parameter in first segment of relative URI?

From: Stefan Eissing <stefan.eissing@greenbytes.de>
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 14:20:11 +0200
Cc: <uri@w3.org>
To: "Chris Haynes" <chris@harvington.org.uk>
Message-Id: <C9C61902-DD13-11D6-9950-00039384827E@greenbytes.de>

Am Freitag, 11.10.02, um 13:54 Uhr (Europe/Berlin) schrieb Chris Haynes:

> "Stefan Eissing"  asked:
>> Should'nt the ':' in path segments be discouraged?
> I believe it is increasingly being used in constructs involving name
> spaces. I, for one, use it for that purpose and checked the RFC 2366
> URI syntax carefully to make sure it was 'legal' in the way I was
> using it

In which hierarchical uri scheme is that used? (curious)

> If there is a discrepancy between relative and absolute forms, I'd
> recommend including ':' in both forms unless it breaks something.

Given base http://example.com/

what does the relative uri


point to

a) http://another.com
b) http://example.com/http:/another.com


> I believe that, providing the initial 'scheme:' part can be parsed OK
> (or determined to be absent if/where permitted) there should be no
> other problems - but I've not done a rigorous check.
> Chris Haynes
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