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From: francis <frankneka@hotmail.com>
Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2002 18:56:23 -0700
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Hello Sir/Ma, 

Good day. Please do not act hostile at the receipt of this mail. 
There was never really any intention to invade your privacy.

My point of focus is based on someone I know, love and have a 
relationship with (whom I think you should meet too). But if you do 
not wish to hear about it, simply delete this message from your box 
and don't bother about it in any way. 

If, on the other hand, you do not mind granting me audience, then 
I imploy you to graciously accept my invitation to read on. 
I am sure you will like it. I thank you.

What I have to share with you is something very important. In fact, 
I consider it to be the most important thing to talk about on this 
axis of existence. Sure, all men should pay attention to it. 

It is obvious that this world is a place filled with violence, 
uncertainties and atrocities which mock man's claims to decency. 
But it could have been better.Someone cares and an encounter with 
that caring personality is only what is needed to guarantee lasting 
ease on earth and hereafter because in here is "...no continuing 
city..." (Heb.13:14). 
The all important issue I would like to talk to you about is one that
borders on where one would spend the rest of his or her life after 
dying physically. 

Listen up please. Confronting every man is this stark (and perhaps 
rude) reality that life continues after his or her last earthly breath. 
Sorry, there isn't anything like the state of nothingness after death 
(Heb.9:27). No. None. Eternity is great. It is endless. In fact, it is 
the lifetime of the never dying God. When we all eventually close 
our eyes in life, we will surely open them in eternity - never to go
back to correct any mistake done in the past.

So the best we can do for ourselves in time now is to secure our 
chance of making it at last to God in heaven. And the agent of that
security is the guy I started out talking to you about.

He is self existent from eternity past (Prov.8). He could not be felt
by man's conscious apparatus i.e. his sense organs, so He had to 
take on a body (Heb.10:4-7) so that He could relate with humans like 
you and me in order to lead us back to God (Heb.2:14) from whom 
we logged out when Adam and Eve, our first parents sinned (Gen.3).

The sin they committed was strong enough to reduce the whole of 
the human race to the zero point of nothingness and to ultimately 
plunge it into the deepest part of hell, away from the presence of 
the holy God forever (Rom.5:16,17a,19,21). So only a sinless 
individual can offer help to it, something my hero did. 
His name is Jesus Christ. Sinless from the start, He responded to 
the call for a saviour for mankind the instance it was made in heaven 
(Jh.10:17,18) and had to lay down His life in the process. "Why" you 
asked? Well, in spiritual parlance, life goes for life and by 
yielding to the temptation of the devil, Adam and Eve made mankind 
lose the life of God (Eph.4:18) but Christ paid the debt by dying on 
the cross of Calvary (Matt.27; Heb.9:22). Praise God. Amen. Then He 
rose up rose again on the third day from the dead through the power 
of the holy spirit (Matt.28:1-6; Rom.6:4;1 Cor.15:3,4). Hallelujah! 

Now, you (like every other person) have to surrender the Lordship 
of your life to Him in order to get the security you need from the 
eternal damnation of hell - out of God's holy presence. 

Please do note today that whoever allows Jesus into his or her life, 
would live it to the fullest (Rev.3:20; Jh.10:10). So Why not try it? 
Just pray a prayer of forgiveness for your sins now and He will 
save you. That is when it is said that you are born again. That is 
when you can escape the danger of eternal anguish. That is when 
you can experience inner peace about the safety of your immortal 
soul. So are you born again or would you like to be now? 

The next thing to do is to study your bible and to fellowship with a 
bible believing and practising church/fellowship. You don't need to 
keep that wonderful treasure book somewhere to get dusty until 
church day only to pick it up then for use. 

In fact, the solemn truth is this: The Bible was not ultimately 
intended to be in print but to be stored in the heart of man. 
So it's codification in black and white is only temporary until God's 
people come around to download it into their systems (spirit man) 

Look, a well read Bible is an indication of a well fed soul. There is 
no other way to grow spiritually other than to make out quality time 
for the study of God's word on a consistent basis for "faith (the vital 
life force of one's spirit man) cometh by hearing and hearing by the 
word of God" (Rom.10:17). 

Let me quickly share with you on how you could become a spiritual 
giant in a few months' time through the study of the Bible. Start 
reading from Matthew 1 and try to cover at least two chapters 
every day (to be increased as time goes on) until you get to 
Revelation 22. I believe that before you get to the end, the Holy 
Spirit would provide the guide on where next to read. Soon, you would 
begin to hear from God clearly for directions as you make attempt to 
pray the things you read from the holy book. Living would then 
become both exciting and interesting. And don't you like that? Even 
when the storms of life threaten (because they will surely come 
from time to time to shake you up), your spiritual muscles, built over 
time from fellowship with the good Lord will choke such up. 

So start paying more attention to your Bible from today. And lest I 
forget, endeavour to underline or make markings on the scriptures of 
special appeal to you so that you can memorize them and quote them 
off heart for subsequent use in real life situations. 

Dear one, if you don't mind, I shall be mailing copies of my bible 
study classics to you for your enrichment. They are actually messages 
from God that are burning in my heart to share with everyone.
I only hope that you don't mind receiving them. You must grow sir/ma.
However, if you do not write back, I would take that to mean that you
are not interested in any of these. So, your e-mail addy SHALL NOT be 
included in my mailing list for use.

I care about you welfare but God cares more. Till you respond to
this mail, take care and thank you for granting me audience.
May God bless you richly in Jesus name. Amen

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