Re: Excess URI schemes considered harmful

> At the end of the day, it would be great if this community could agree on 
> *one* mapping between the two formats.  I'd get laughed out of the room if 
> I suggested as a work item for our developer team to map the n-to-n 
> possible ways a media type can be expressed as a URI as something we should 
> implement in any of our products.

Me too.  Personally, I think it is absurd to require all namespaces
be represented as absolute URI.  That is a pointless waste of bandwidth
and doesn't reflect the lessons learned from real-life usage of URI.

It is nice to be able to map any name to a universally-complete namespace with
a standardized root, but only if the common case is for the important bits
to be represented as a relative URI.  It doesn't even need to have a real
base -- just an imaginary one.

Of course, nobody can do that with the URN syntax, which is why I won't
be using it.


Received on Tuesday, 25 September 2001 20:03:35 UTC