RE: Excess URI schemes considered harmful

On Tue, 25 Sep 2001, Mark Baker wrote:
> >
> Registered media types already have URIs.  For example, "application/xml" has;
> Granted, types that aren't guaranteed to be registered (such as
> experimental, vendor, or personal tree) don't get URIs of that form.
> But I don't believe creating new URI schemes is necessary or
> desirable, when an existing scheme such as "http" would suffice.

Note that IANA makes no guarantees that these URIs are permanent.
""?  Please.  I'll continue to limp along without this mapping
before I recommend any of our programmers waste any time chasing down that
dead end.

Besides that, what is the standard way of encoding the optional MIME-type
parameters?  For example, what is the correct encoding for this MIME-type:
"Text/Plain; Format=Flowed"


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