RE: Request For A Formal URN Namespace: "geo"

There's actually been quite a bit of activity in IETF
on spatial location designations of all sorts, beyond
the one reference I gave before:

BOF & pointer to its mail archives:
Newly chartered IETF working group:
including Internet draft for initial requirements

The working group and discussions around it have had
quite a focus on the privacy issues surrounding protocols
that might trade geographic information about the devices
(and thus users) at the endpoints.

Note that the geopriv charter says:
  " the working group will select an already standardized format to
   for use in representing location per se"

so the assumption is that there are other (non-IETF)
standards that the IETF group will make reference too.
I wouldn't want to see the "geo" URN scheme choose a
different representation than the geopriv working group,
at least without some analysis and justification.


Received on Sunday, 9 September 2001 15:55:06 UTC