Re: Proposal for an "address:" URI Scheme

> The US Post office has a process that all bulk mailing addresses
> to go through.  I think it is called something like CASS

Hmm, that's interesting: I'll have to search around a bit for that.
Still, I'll bet it's only for postal addresses within the US? It would
be very useful to have a non-ambiguous postal addressing system so
that each person would have a "standard" URI for themselves... but
international systems don't seem to be as well defined as "CASS", and
the postal service is always going to allow some leeway in the
addressing system.

I need to do some more research on standards for postal addresses
really... I hadn't thought about it much until this scheme name hit me
(whilst I was converting the XHTML schemes version into N3). And
that's "hit me" in the metaphorical sense, before Aaron says something

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Received on Friday, 16 March 2001 11:24:02 UTC