Re: Proposal for an "address:" URI Scheme

From: "Sean B. Palmer" <>

> One of the few things that do not currently have standardized URIs are
> generic postal addresses ("snail-mail addresses"). This is a proposal
> for a new URI scheme that will enable people to identify postal
> addresses as a part of URI (and hence WWW) space.

The US Post office has a process that all bulk mailing addresses need to go
through.  I think it is called something like CASS certification.  It forces
the address into a standard format.  There are programs you can buy now that
will take a list and CASS certify it .. i think they work on the Internet
too.  This URI scheme, i think, should be a encoding of that standard
format.   This would be a good thing too cause we could all have the
standard uri of our residances and when we filled out a form we would just
transmit that uri to the form.  Lots of need for that in e-commerce ... no
more worrying about sending duplicate mailing out and wasting postage.   I
wonder if USPS has though about this yet ...


Received on Friday, 16 March 2001 01:30:34 UTC