Question: Hi, sorry to bother you

I know you are busy and I have 2 very simple questions.

We are trying to create a form online that a user will fill in and then print.
They will print via Netscape (various versions) or Internet Explorer (various
Some  on Windows 3.1 Some 95.

I hear there is no way possible to ensure that the form prints the same on the
from different browsers. In testing this seemed to be true with a basic form.

1. Is there any way whatsoever to ensure the printout and pagebreaks are the
regardless of browser used??

2.  Do the new 4.x versions of IE or Netscape help remedy this?

3. Will HTML 4.0 help in any way with the printing issue among browsers?

4. Someone mentioned to take the input and somehow use a CGI script and call
some process that will format a form for you and send it to the printer. Any
ideas on how to do this or products?
People will be printing to various printers. We will have about 1,000 users
with population increasing. No standard browser has been selected.

Thanks so much.
If I can help in any way let me know.
Perhaps as a way of saying thanks, help your self to my site

Thanks, Peter

Received on Thursday, 20 November 1997 14:19:35 UTC