Re: IPv6 addresses within URLs

On Wed, 12 Nov 1997, Larry Masinter wrote:

> draft-ietf-ipngwg-aaaa-00.txt
> proposes another method which would work for including IPv6 addresses:
>    An IPv6 address is represented as a name in the IP6.INT domain by a
>    sequence of nibbles separated by dots with the suffix ".IP6.INT". The
>    sequence of nibbles is encoded in reverse order, i.e. the low-order
>    nibble is encoded first, followed by the next low-order nibble and so
>    on. Each nibble is represented by a hexadecimal digit. For example,
>    the inverse lookup domain name corresponding to the address
>        4321:0:1:7:3:4:567:89ab
>    would be
> b.a.

If that was


it would look okay, but as above it's definitely too lengthy.

I agree with many of the points John Klensin has mentionned.

For "addresses will frequently change", however, I guess (without
much in-depth knowledge) that while some addresses will indeed
change very frequently, others might me much more stable and
long-term, especially for example the addresses of some DNS
servers,... And it's these that have the greatest chance of
being used in URLs.

Regards,	Martin.

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