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} From: Deutsch, Peter.  "Resource Discovery in an Internet Environment"
} Master Thesis, School of Computer Science, McGill University June 1992.
} p. 19 (yes I am looking at a hard copy)  Chapter 3 Design Issues.
} There is mention of "Unique Resource Serial Numbers or URSNs" as a proposed
} mechanism for solving problems of duplicates, similar names and retrieved
} sets from multiple archives.
} p. 26 section "Unique Resource Serial Numbers"
} and in many other sections as the model is described.

I stnad corrected! That's definitely the term I was
referring to (to which I was referring? :-)

} If Peter doesn't have this up on the net somewhere, let me know what you
} need and I will read this more carefully.  Please reference document
} D486re.

It's currently buried on, of all things, a NeXT floptical
which is being ornery and unreadable <ulp> Daivd (my ops
guy) seems to think a cleaning of the old drive will be
enough to resurrect it, but it can't happen this week. I
hope this is enough for you Michael??

				- peterd

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