Re: URL internationalization!

À 09:17 21-02-97 -0800, Gregory J. Woodhouse a écrit :
>i-nodes       filenames
>IP addresses  domain names
>URLs          ?????

URLs are in the wrong place.  Applications do not deal with i-nodes, they
deal with filenames.  Ditto for users.  Same for domain names, which is
what users and applications deal with as soon as the resolution service is
available.  And same for URLs.  My browser has both an "Open file" and an
"Open URL" command, and both are used identically: type in the stuff, and
the application and system will resolve it to the resource I want to access.

Directories are at another level, one more indirection.  It would be wrong
to push back i18n requirements to the directory level, they exist at the
URL level.  It wouldn't help file submission any, for instance, and this is
where the need is most flagrant.

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