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Tue, 28 Mar 1995 00:16:59 +0000

Date: Tue, 28 Mar 1995 00:16:59 +0000
From: "Shawn G. Doughty" <>
Subject: Re: A Small-College Software Engineering Project
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here is an idea.  CIS needs to find similar projects out on the net and 
integrate them or atleast make them available to students.  For example 
maybe the C programming class or Systems Analysis & Design, Soft. Eng., 
could do analysis, programming or whatever on real-world projects off the 
net.  Even little things like the linux dialog program which gives linux 
its color menu installation screens took quite a bit of effort to 
produce.  dialog in particular was a coordinated project involving email 
collaboration of 4 people around the world.

could be some real interesting potential with this.

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On Tue, 28 Mar 1995 wrote:

> I am proud to announce the initial "public offering" of an ongoing project
> that was undertaken by my Software Engineering class here at Saint Joseph's 
> College.
> We have implemented a reference implementation of a complete, (to the best of
> our abilities) WG-document compliant, URN/URC/URL registration and 
> resolution system.  
> It is crude, certain crucial parts aren't yet implemented for a variety of 
> reasons, but we hope it will serve the WG as it moves into the current IETF
> session in helping to evaluate the suitability of certain ideas that we have
> distilled from the group's various working papers.
> The toplevel design was inspired by Terry Winograd's paper that was originally
> posted to this group a bit over a year ago. It suggests that the URN
> might be embedded within a URL in order for there to exist a URN entity 
> without the existence of specialized tools for its resolution, reference, 
> etc.--a classic chicken-and-egg situation.
> The project's demonstrations and working papers are still in a bit of flux,
> as we are right now tweaking due to reaction from our alpha evaluation team.
> We are also connected to the Internet via a 56KB line, running at a site with
> only a few aging SparcStations as our hardware, so there are no uptime 
> guarantees, and we ask your patience of something doesn't work right.
> The URI group is our beta team, as it were, even though we have no illusions of
> grand and glorious things resulting directly from our efforts. Our primary 
> purpose was to build something people might be able to look at, play with,
> and shoot at, hopefully resulting in progress towards widespread adoption
> of the URI set of abstractions.
> Your feedback, comments, and criticisms are welcome and deeply appreciated.
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> Thanks.
> Brian Capouch, Instructor