A Small-College Software Engineering Project

Pierre Landau (brianc@saintjoe.edu)
Tue, 28 Mar 95 0:17:18 CST

From: <brianc@saintjoe.edu>
Message-Id: <199503280617.AAA05168@fearless>
Subject: A Small-College Software Engineering Project
To: uri@bunyip.com
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 95 0:17:18 CST
Cc: cs44@saintjoe.edu

I am proud to announce the initial "public offering" of an ongoing project
that was undertaken by my Software Engineering class here at Saint Joseph's 

We have implemented a reference implementation of a complete, (to the best of
our abilities) WG-document compliant, URN/URC/URL registration and 
resolution system.  

It is crude, certain crucial parts aren't yet implemented for a variety of 
reasons, but we hope it will serve the WG as it moves into the current IETF
session in helping to evaluate the suitability of certain ideas that we have
distilled from the group's various working papers.

The toplevel design was inspired by Terry Winograd's paper that was originally
posted to this group a bit over a year ago. It suggests that the URN
might be embedded within a URL in order for there to exist a URN entity 
without the existence of specialized tools for its resolution, reference, 
etc.--a classic chicken-and-egg situation.

The project's demonstrations and working papers are still in a bit of flux,
as we are right now tweaking due to reaction from our alpha evaluation team.
We are also connected to the Internet via a 56KB line, running at a site with
only a few aging SparcStations as our hardware, so there are no uptime 
guarantees, and we ask your patience of something doesn't work right.

The URI group is our beta team, as it were, even though we have no illusions of
grand and glorious things resulting directly from our efforts. Our primary 
purpose was to build something people might be able to look at, play with,
and shoot at, hopefully resulting in progress towards widespread adoption
of the URI set of abstractions.

Your feedback, comments, and criticisms are welcome and deeply appreciated.



Brian Capouch, Instructor