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'Tis many a slip, 'tween the cup and the lips...

[ I wrote: ]
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} Depending upon how we do it, I think dereferencing does
} mean we need a human friendly part for when humans must
} select these things. For dereferencing, we obviously want
} to focus on the mechanical processing capabilities and
} might be willing to sacrifice readibility here if it makes
} it work.

I of course meant to say ""For **comparison**, we obviously want
to focuse on the mechanical processing capabilities..."

Sorry if this caused any confusion...

					- peterd


  ...there is reason to hope that the machines will use us kindly, for
  their existance will be in a great measure dependent on ours; they will
  rule us with a rod of iron, but they will not eat us...

                                               - Samuel Butler, 1872

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