Re: Criticism of Kidcode (was Re: KidCode: Next steps )

Ronald E. Daniel (
Fri, 23 Jun 1995 08:55:56 -0600

From: "Ronald E. Daniel" <>
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Date: Fri, 23 Jun 1995 08:55:56 -0600
Subject: Re: Criticism of Kidcode (was Re: KidCode: Next steps )

On Jun 22,  4:29pm, Larry Masinter wrote:

> I object to the phrase 'For the truely paranoid among us' as the
> qualifier to 'digital signature techniques could be used to ensure
> their veracity'.

Just a minor attempt at levity, Larry. Sorry that it failed.

> you
> should give an example of how digital signatures would work to sign a
> SOAP or a URC.

That will be dealt with in the sections on ensuring the veracity of
the URC and the resource, which I hope to work on today and early
next week. Once I have it written up, I am going to have one of our
security consultants review it. I don't know what his schedule is,
so I can't commit to a particular date for getting that part of the
revision to the URI list. However, it should be late next week or
early the following week.

> (I also don't like a discussion that includes 'www-talk' and 'uri';
> either it belongs on one list or the other.)

Since the discussion about KidCode was mostly on www-talk, it seemed
appropriate to put the response there. Since it was one of the changes
to the scenarios document I wanted to make for the URI group, it
seemed appropriate to post it to that list as well. The digital
signature material will only be sent to the URI list.

See you in Stockholm,

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