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Fri, 16 Jun 1995 13:26:43 -0400

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Subject: Re: new port for DNS 
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> I guess we disagree on a much more philosophical level here. One of 
> my primary goals is to allow anyone to be both publisher and author
> at a fairly cheap price. In this case a user can register for
> a section of an OID space without having to contact or or be approved
> by his employer or ISP. Once they have a pointer in the namespace they
> can setup their resolver and be an author.

This works just fine if you define a new DNS record type that means
"pointer to URN resolution service".  Then your "parent" in OID space
defines that type of record to point to your resolution server,
instead of an NS record.

It's very similar to a wildcard MX record.  You don't have to register
an MX record for to accept mail for  An MX
record for * is sufficient.