proposed working group tasks

Here is a rough draft starting point for discussion, just one proposal
(is that enough disclaimers?) for a set of new, focussed, short term
working groups. The actual charters of the working groups and their
milestones will have to be written by the WG members.


  Charter scope: finish URI work on URLs.

  some possible milestones: 
	---- new URL schemes to standard
	---- revise 1738, move to draft standard
	---- move 1808 to draft standard
	---- Informational RFC on vetting new URL schemes

(B) URC Syntax & Structure

  Charter scope:
    create RFC standards track with just URC syntax,
    attribute sets, definition, registration(?)
  some possible milestones:
     --- URC syntax requirement
     --- URC drafts (SGML, Trivial URC) to proposed standard
(C) Information resolution

  Charter scope:
   create RFCs on distributed database algorithms
   protocols, infrastructure on URN -> URL, 
   URC, ratings (?) etc.,  resolution, update, dissemination

  some possible milestones:
	--- generic URN syntax
	--- URC scenarios draft to informational RFC
	--- Interim report/draft RFC of group studying URN proposals
	--- Informational RFC on general URN resolution
	--- Proposed standards for specific URN syntaxes
	--- Proposed standards for specific URN resolution procedures
	--- Draft of RFC1737 changes
	--- Revise RFC1737 (URN requirements)

(D) URI architecture

  Charter scope:
    create informational RFC surveying current state of relationship
    between URI proposals, other kinds of naming and resolution
    systems, current experiments on larger internet community

   some possible milestones:
	---  Draft Uniform resource relationship paper for discussion
	---  URA draft to experimental RFC
	---  proposed standards(?) for specific URC applications

(E) Bibliographic Resource Descriptions

  Charter scope:
   Develop a bibliographic tag set,
    (should also describe relationship to IAFA and CSTR and other tagsets)

   some possible milestones:
	standards-track or informational RFC on tagset

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