Re: How paf is implementing URNs and URCs today

Mine and Patrik's implementations are very similar so (without checking
with him) I'm going to ditto his implementation as what I'm also 
working on. My additions include a new DNS RR for facilitating
the DNS lookup (and for replicating authority servers) as well
as implementing the MODE command for whois++ that will
facilitate semantic gateways between protocols/syntaxes....

Patrik Faltstrom said this:
> At 20.27 95-07-08, Roy Fielding wrote:
> >I apparently missed the deadline by 30 minutes, so here is yet
> >another view of how URNs and URCs can be implemented.  
> ...and yet another one is currently is implemented using DNS/Whois++
> for the searching/resolution.
> I think you will attac the URC from two different angels:
> (1) You have a URN and want to have "the best URL".
> (2) You don't know anything but "...this latest chinese
>     chuisine I heard about...wounder if I can find
>     a URC for that...".
> (1) Can be solved with my proposal by using a scheme for the URN
> which as fast as possible makes you know the Whois++ server that
> have the URC on-line. This can be several servers sometimes.
> Because the centroid/referral idea might be too slow sometimes,
> we register publisher-IDs in DNS by using some scheme, for example
> what Michael Mealling have proposed, i.e. an inverted OID-number.
> When you have found the correct server, issue a normal Whois++
> query and you get the record back.
> The query can look like (on one line)
> template=urc and
> urn=URN\:OID\:\:931E7004E10819FCC5932944242A8DA41
> (':' must be escaped in the Whois++ protocol)
> (2) Can be solved by issuing a whois++ query somewhere in the
> whois++ mesh and using the normal Whois++ navigation techniques.
> A query might look like:
> template=urc and keywords=chinese and keywords=cuisine.
> You can find URCs for everything on
> and, including the digest for this
> mailinglist.


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