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yet another revision of the charter

From: Ronald E. Daniel <rdaniel@acl.lanl.gov>
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 1995 11:13:28 -0600
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Still yet another further different version of the charter, after
all the recent discussions. This concentrates on when we expect
to deliver informational, experimental, or proposed standard RFCs.
Also, in keeping with Larry's off-line suggestion, the milestones
are very concise. Most are outgrowths of existing drafts, but two
are not. The last two documents are a UR Architecture document, and
one on how to vet new URI schemes when this group has disbanded.
Both of these have been talked about before, but we do not have
drafts for them yet. 

The approach of this charter is for us to develop documents
describing the general appraoch all URI types must follow, then
to develop proposed standards for specific instances of those types.
For example, RFC 1738 describes the syntax all URL schemes must
follow. Mailserver, Finger, ... are specific new URL schemes. They
follow the generic URL guidelines, but define the particulars of the
new approach. Similarly, the milestones below have us define a
generic URN syntax, a generic URC syntax, and a generic URN resolution
procedure. We then develop proposed standards that define specific
URN syntaxes (hdl, path, ...), specific URC formats (like the
x-srs stuff for rating Internet resources that I will demo), and
specific URN resolution procedures (probably closely aligned with
specific URN syntaxes).


Description of the Working Group:

The URI-WG is chartered to define a set of standards for the encoding
of system-independent resource identification, description, and
location information for the use of Internet information services.

The working group is expected to produce a set of documents that
specify standard represenations of Uniform Resource Names (URNs) for
resource identification, Uniform Resource Locations (URLs) for resource
location, Uniform Resource Characteristics (URCs) for resource
description and the resolution of URNs to URLs. The group will also
produce informational documents on the Uniform Resource Identification
architecture, which will describe the roles of various forms of URI and
will offer quidance to the group when other forms of URI are suggested
during the lifetime of the working group.

These documents will provide a framework that allows Internet users,
applications, and services to access, describe, and uniquely identify
Internet resources, all with appropriate levels of security.

Goals and Milestones

Oct 95  Revise RFC 1738 (URLs), move to draft standard status.

Oct 95  URC scenarios draft to informational RFC.

Nov 95  Mailserver and finger URL drafts to proposed standard.

Feb 96  URA draft to experimental RFC

Jul 96  Proposed standard for general URN syntax.

Jul 96  Informational RFC on general URN resolution.

Jul 96  Proposed standards for specific URN syntaxes.

Jul 96  Proposed standards for specific URN resolution procedures.

Oct 96  Generic URC draft to proposed standard.

Oct 96  Proposed standards for specific URC applications

Dec 96  Uniform Resource Architecture informational RFC

Mar 97  Informational RFC on vetting specific URI schemes after
        this group has dissolved.

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