Re: Whither URI: Revising the charter, disband URI?

>> Revise the URL document (RFC 1738) and move it to the next step on the
>> standards track (Draft standard?), taking into account the comments of the IESG
>> at the time they went to Draft Standard.  (Larry, you said that Roy
>> may have colunteered to do this. Is that the case?)
>yes, draft standard. Comments not only of the IESG but various others
>as well. In fact, it's reasonable to review how many of the
>recommendations made in the URL document actually have been
>implemented at the end of 6 months. Roy may well have volunteered, but
>it would be reassuring to hear again from him on this.

Yes, I will do it.  I have arranged to have it be one of my primary
tasks while at W3C, so I'm already committed to spending the time.
However, I think it should wait until after Stockholm, since I won't
be there and the list is already filled with discussion.  If anyone
has a list of desired changes (or even a marked-up copy of RFC 1738),
please send them to me or give them to TimBL or Dan Connolly at

Could someone also forward to me the comments from the IESG?
I heard Erik's comments at San Jose, but there should be something
written down somewhere, right?

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