Re: Second round for new URL scheme (mailserver)

> Here is another related thought.  There seem to be three kinds of URLs
> that correspond to the underlying communication modes.  The mailto and
> mailserver schemes send a message but don't expect a message in return
> (there may or may not be a return mail message).  Most schemes send a
> message and expect a single return message (even if it may be
> multi-part).  Some schemes, such as telnet and z3950s, start up a
> session for sending and receiving multiple messages.  These three
> modes of communication seem to cover the territory completely.  

I would like to amplify the last mode:  I've always been bothered
that httpd/www is very screen/batch oriented (a la 3270 SEND, although
carried to a wonderful conclusion) and didn't have a good way
of doing session oriented connections.

Some ideas which should be possible right in the browser with no
other changes other than the ability to listen for continuous streams
of html:

logging, monitoring, updates, interactive games (multi user, temporal),
stocks, weather, chatting systems (IRC interface!), etc.

These could benefit by having an html client and being integrated.
Pragmatically we probably don't want to go too far along the spectrum
from current modes to full X Windows support, but I think a little more is

And of course, the 3D/VR generation of WWW may have combinations of
all of these or possibly a new paradigm.

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