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Re: Second round for new URL scheme (mailserver)

From: Jon P. Knight <J.P.Knight@lut.ac.uk>
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 1995 15:07:53 +0000 (GMT)
To: Dirk Herr-Hoyman <hoymand@gate.net>
Cc: Paul Hoffman <ietf-lists@proper.com>, uri@bunyip.com
Message-Id: <Pine.3.05.9501101552.O13319-a100000@suna>
On Tue, 10 Jan 1995, Dirk Herr-Hoyman wrote:

> Paul,  I see a couple of problems here.  First, you are assuming the body
> only has a single line.  This is not always true, many mail servers let you
> send multiple commands on multiple lines.  The / is my original proposal
> was meant to specify the end of line.  Here, it's just a separator.  For
> this to work, you would have to encode an end of line, which was something
> I was trying to avoid.

Surely having / specify the end of line *is* an encoding of the end of
line?  Is using %0A or whatever so much worse?  Why?


Jon Knight, Research Student in High Performance Networking and Distributed
Systems in the Department of _Computer_Studies_ at Loughborough University.
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