Re: Second round for new URL scheme (mailserver)

But I thought Paul Hoffman said:
> [ ... ]
> The "mailserver" URL has the form:
>      mailserver:<rfc822-addr-spec>/<subject>/<body>/[<other-headers>]
> Client software would prepare a mail message with the <subject> text as the
> subject and the <body> text as the body of the message.

It looks good to me. A useful addition would be an token which gets
replaced with the user's email address by the browser before the mail
gets sent. Why would this be useful? I can think of three reasons:

 * Some people like to have mailing-list traffic delivered to a different
   email address to their usual one.
 * Some mailing-list software likes the senders address to be included in
   the subject or body of the message.
 * Some browsers run on machines other than where mail should be delivered
   to (uncommon, I know).
I'm not sure what the best way be to encode such a token would be. Anyone
got any ideas?

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