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Date: Wed, 15 Feb 1995 13:18:41 -0500
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Michael A. Dolan (MD) and Paul Hoffman (PH) and Reed Wade (RW) write:

MD> Gee Wade, I thought I was helping by finding your old email..... :-)

Actually, it was a huge help, thank you very much.

MD>If the host is required, then why make yet another syntax 
MD>that must parsed ?

If the syntax were more complex I'd feel differently.
The ease of use on the users' end makes up for it, I think.

MD>Also, in the other scheme, how would one specify a non-standard port ?

You couldn't. But are there any instances of someone using another
port? This is certainly an arguable point, I don't have strong feelings
about it.

  >RW>There's one thing I'd like clarified--will the final @hostname
  >RW>part (from which the connect-to host is derived) be stripped
  >RW>before <blah> is sent to the remote host?
PH>Unless I'm misunderstanding section 2.4 of RFC 1288, the finger client
PH>shouldn't strip anything. It looks to me that none of the "@hostn" are
PH>local to where the client sent the request from, and thus shouldn't be

The important question is whether I loose any functionality. Imagine
these 2 situations:

1. I type at my command line "finger"; the 
   finger command on my machine opens a tcp connection to the finger 
   server at and sends "wade".

2. With finger:<> how can I send a "wade" to
   the finger server at honk?

   The finger server on honk may or may not treat the 2 requests
   ("wade", "") differently. We can't assume 
   they would do one thing or the other.

The rfc describes what goes over the wire, not the finger client
on any system. It's important to decouple the connection information
and the data part. I think that's the reason finger://<blah>/<blah
has the appeal it does.


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