Re: New Internet-Draft: finger URL

>If the host is required, then why make yet another syntax that must parsed ?
>I favor the more canonical, finger://host[:port]/blah

I think we're overusing "host" here. For those of us with shell accounts on
a Unix system, the <query> part of "finger:<query>" is the same as the
argument we would give to the "finger" command at the shell. If this is
unclear from the examples in the I-D, I'd love to have better ones.

>Also, in the other scheme, how would one specify a non-standard port ?

You don't. As I said in the I-D, RFC 1288 specifies only one port, and so
does this URL.

--Paul Hoffman
--Proper Publishing

Received on Wednesday, 15 February 1995 12:00:30 UTC