Re: Base URLs

It seems that I wasn't sufficiently precise with my language; what I was trying
to explain to Owen Rees what was wrong with Base: headers taking precedence
over document content.

[All you other comments are valid]

> > Why distinguish message
> > headers from other retrieval contexts?
>It does not.  Message headers ARE the retrieval context -- the document
>is encapsulated inside the message.

But it does! You talk about retrieval context in section 3.3, but a base URL
within message headers is mentioned in section 3.2.  The implication, for a
casual reader, is that message headers are not retrieval context. This is also
shown graphically, with a box between the two. Hence, as Owen Rees assumed, the
relative priority of message headers and document content was chosen

I was trying to suggest that the base URL in message headers should be
explained as simply another example of retrieval context.


Received on Friday, 10 February 1995 07:28:58 UTC