Base URLs

In draft-ietf-uri-relative-url-05.txt, "within Document Content" (3.1) 
overrides "within Message Headers" (3.2). Is there a reason for this order? I 
can think of reasons for putting these two the other way round, but not for 
this order.

Typical servers generate the headers dynamically, but use stored document 
content. The precedence only matters when there is a base defined both in the 
document and in the headers, and the currently proposed order gives precedence 
to what I would expect to be the "older" information. I can forsee fixing up a 
server to issue Base: headers according to some mapping rule, and wanting to 
override what is in the document.

  Owen Rees <>
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Received on Wednesday, 8 February 1995 12:39:30 UTC