Re: notes on draft-ietf-asid-ldap-format-01.txt

> From:
> To:      Tim Howes <>

> I've looked through the ldap format too, and will probably have
> to have an opinion on it soon. However, Larry's comments triggered
> the following comments:
> - Status: As I understand, URL schemes are standards-track, period.
>   Therefore, the language in the intro needs changing.

Already done.

> - Reference to 1487/1777 for <attribute>: use AttributeType, and we're
>   more or less home safe.

Already done.

> - Reference to 1558: I'm afraid I can't allow this reference.
> ...
> Fortunately, the solution is rather simple: Move 1558 to the standards track.
> My guess is that it needs some updating (refer 1777 instead of 1487, possible
> clarification of ambiguities found, change Intro), and then we can do
> the URL and 1558bis together.

Ok with me, I guess. I'll look at updating it. In the meantime, I've
submitted a new LDAP URL draft which should be coming out soon with all
these changes.                                          -- Tim

Received on Tuesday, 19 December 1995 12:03:56 UTC