Re: notes on draft-ietf-asid-ldap-format-01.txt

I've looked through the ldap format too, and will probably have
to have an opinion on it soon. However, Larry's comments triggered
the following comments:

- Status: As I understand, URL schemes are standards-track, period.
  Therefore, the language in the intro needs changing.

- Reference to 1487/1777 for <attribute>: use AttributeType, and we're
  more or less home safe.

- Reference to 1558: I'm afraid I can't allow this reference.

We generally OK references to tutorial/introductory material, or stuff
that is outside IETF control (like ASN.1 or X.500) but necessary and
stable, but we don't do things that are under our control and specify
parts of the protocol, as in this case; it should be possible to
practice this standard without reference to Informational material.

I think the purpose of the rule is to ensure that all parts of a protocol
have had the same amount of community review and consensus; no "elephants
through the back door by reference" or "everything is clearly
specified except this swamp over there, which you're not supposed to read".

Fortunately, the solution is rather simple: Move 1558 to the standards track.
My guess is that it needs some updating (refer 1777 instead of 1487, possible
clarification of ambiguities found, change Intro), and then we can do
the URL and 1558bis together.
There is very little IN 1558 but the string format, so it doesn't make
much sense to just quote part of it in the URL document.

Sorry for making more editing work for you - but I'm afraid that's the
way it has to be.

Good luck!

            Harald A

Received on Tuesday, 19 December 1995 06:48:31 UTC