Re: Persistent Documents and Locations

Len Bullard (
Sat, 19 Aug 1995 19:21:05 -0500

Date: Sat, 19 Aug 1995 19:21:05 -0500
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To: "Terry Allen" <>
From: (Len Bullard)
Subject: Re: Persistent Documents and Locations

[Terry Allen]

>What's of interest is the analysis of needs in 10744 (Hytime).  Section
>6.5.7, "activity tracking policy" defines "six possible activities,
>specified by the attribute _activity types_ (_actypes_):
>        create  The object was created
>        modify  The object was modified
>        link    A link to the object was created ...
>        access  The object was accessed
>        unlink  A link to the object was deleted ...
>        delete  The object was deleted
>"An activity tracking policy element states the conditions under which its
>activities will be 'tracked' (that is, reported to a program that
>performs or supports one or more activity tracking applications),
>and the actions(s) to be taken to perform the tracking."
>Aside from the SGML syntax and the loose definition of tracking,
>what Hytime is giving you here is the six actions.  I wouldn't think
>of representing this info in SGML, though.
[Paul Hoffman]
>How does one "see" ISO 10744, or anything specific written about it? This
>is the first I've heard of this model.
Terry is correct.  How the tracking information is kept internally
is not an issue.  How the information is conveyed to another
system that requests it is.  When the activity information is
required to determine the status of a record, SGML is adequate
for transport.

Len Bullard